ISO27001 – Control 5.6 – Contact with Special Interest Groups


The organization shall establish and maintain contact with special interest groups or other specialist security forums and professional associations.

What this means

As an organization, it’s important to establish and maintain contact with special interest groups, security forums, and professional associations related to information security.

Why is this important? The goal is to ensure there is an appropriate flow of information when it comes to information security.

How can you do this? Here are some key benefits of participating in these groups and forums:

  1. Improve your knowledge and stay up-to-date on best practices in information security.
  2. Ensure your understanding of the current information security landscape is current.
  3. Receive early warnings about security alerts, advisories, and patches related to attacks and vulnerabilities.
  4. Gain access to specialist advice and expertise on information security.
  5. Share and exchange information about new technologies, products, services, threats, or vulnerabilities.
  6. Establish points of contact for dealing with information security incidents.

By staying connected to the right security groups and communities, your organization can keep its finger on the pulse of the evolving cybersecurity threats and best practices. This helps you proactively protect your systems and data, and respond effectively if an incident occurs. Make building these connections a priority for your information security team.

How do you demonstrate this?

In your Special Interests Groups Policy, you should set out which groups are relevant to your organisation, the purpose of that interest and  and a website address.

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