Internal Audits for ISO27001 Certification and Compliance

Why using your In-house Team may not be effective

Internal audits are required for Compliance and Certification of the ISO27001 standard. Most certification bodies will not allow you to proceed to certification without a full suite of internal audits.

Some companies wish to undertake the audits in house using their own staff, there are some risks with this including:

Non-compliance with the Standard: Internal audits conducted by an unqualified or inexperienced internal auditor may result in non-compliance with the ISO27001 standard. Poor knowledge of the Standard will not provide the assurance you need. This can lead to increased costs for re-auditing or failing the certification phase.

Inefficient use of resources: Inefficient internal audits lead to the misallocation of resources, both human and financial. This includes the time spent by employees on ineffective audits, potential rework to fix unidentified issues, and the lost opportunity of using those resources in other strategic initiatives.

Increased security risks: Undetected security vulnerabilities or weaknesses in your organisation’s information security practices. This increases the risk of data breaches, cyberattacks, and potential financial losses associated with data breaches, such as legal liabilities, customer compensation, and reputational damage.

Stress and anxiety: There may be extra stress related to in-house internal audits. There may be a conflict of interest for the member of staff undertaking the audits, they may not know how to undertake an effective audit and may not identify non-conformity’s and opportunities for Improvement.

Missed opportunities for growth: The inability to obtain ISO27001 certification or demonstrate robust information security practices may lead to missed business opportunities. Potential clients or partners who prioritise information security may choose competitors who have the certification, resulting in a loss of revenue and market share.

The Benefits of using an ISO27001 Consultancy for your Internal Audits

An experienced ISO27001 Internal Auditor can add value to your organisation and ISO27001 Certification by providing an objective assessment. By appointing independent internal auditors, it takes the pressure of your internal staff to undertake a role they are not skilled or qualified for. We are able to identify any gaps or non-compliance issues, allowing your business to take corrective action. As we are auditing lots of different organisations we are able to bring a new viewpoint and make suggestions for improvement that any in house team would not be aware of.

Our experienced Internal Auditors are also familiar with the standard and what is needed to obtain and then continuously improve your ISO27001 Certification. By reviewing and evaluating the controls, potential vulnerabilities or weaknesses are identified and addressed, reducing the risk of security incidents.

During the internal audit process, our auditors can identify areas for process improvement, efficiency enhancements, and best practices. This creates efficiencies and enhances your organisations effectiveness.

Our internal auditors stay up to date with changes to the standard, the risks faced by businesses and new cyber threats. This provides the opportunity for you to gain insights into and develop your awareness of good information security practices.

Having your internal audits undertaken by an independent third party helps build stakeholder confidence. It demonstrates a clear commitment to achieving the ISO27001 Standard and being transparent about your objective to maintain information security to the required standard. It ensures that you are able to continue to focus on your business and your information security practices are regularly reviewed independently.

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