Why are internal Audits important for ISO27001 Certification?

Internal audits are important for evaluating an organisation’s compliance with ISO 27001 requirements and ensuring that the established security controls are effectively implemented. The internal audits happen throughout the year between surveillance audits with the external certification body. The aim on the internal audits is to ensure that your information security management system continues to work effectively and in line with the ISO27001 Standard.

It’s a good idea to have the internal audits spread throughout the year as it helps to identity areas for improvement and any non-conformity’s that are happening so these can be addressed before the next external review.

We recommend a quarterlInternal Audit for ISO27001 Compliance and Certificationy internal audit review so that over the 12 months all areas of the ISMS are reviewed.

Internal audits provide an unbiased assessment of your information security controls. This helps to manage and identify vulnerabilities, weak points, and potential risks within your systems. This insight allows you to promptly address any shortcomings, ensuring your overall security posture is robust.

Internal audits help develop a culture of continual improvement within organisations. By evaluating the effectiveness of existing controls and processes, audits facilitate the identification of areas that require enhancement or optimisation. This approach allows you to evolve your security practices, keeping pace with emerging threats and evolving regulatory landscapes. When your internal audit is provided by an external consultant, they bring skills and experience of other organisations and good practice which is working elsewhere to your organisation.

If you do not complete an internal audit covering all areas of the information security management system each year, you are failing to comply with the requirements of the ISO27001 certification.

In conclusion, as compliance with ISO 27001 is an ongoing endeavour, internal audits are important in ensuring that your organisation adheres to the established security policies and procedures. Regular audits help demonstrate ongoing compliance with the standard, identify non-compliant areas, and drive corrective actions to rectify any shortcomings.

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